2015 AGM

2015 AGM – 28 October 2015

The meeting took place in the Craigmillar Park Church, our chair Eileen Francis, gave her Annual Report. In her report to the meeting she described CPA as an enabling organisation. Founded in 1997, it sets out to serve the community in the Craigmillar Park conservation area. The committee aims to observe and respond to developments in the local area without being overly intrusive. CPA monitors planning decisions, notes the care and maintenance issues in the surrounding environment, supports residents who have queries and concerns and generally tries to keep the lines of communication open between residents.

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This was followed by the Finance Report given by our treasurer Elizabeth Philp. Our guest speaker, Frances Lindsay, then gave a fascinating and informative talk on ‘Composting’.  We are preparing the talk at the moment to add to the website. Watch this space!