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ccamapThe area of the South Edinburgh map outlined in black is the Craigmillar Park Conservation Area and is the same as that covered by the Craigmillar Park Association. With the help of the residents we monitor planning applications and help protect the environment for future generations to enjoy. We support the community in a variety of ways, go to our About Us  page for full information.    Click on map to view full size.


Despite the phased easing of lockdown, the message remains STAY SAFE.

The following organisations, among many, may be useful for help or to volunteer:

Citizens Advice Edinburgh 
Tel :  0131 510 5510

Edinburgh Council
Tel: 0131200 2388

Scottish Association for Mental Health
Tel: 0344 800 0550

Latest News July 2020


Edinburgh Council’s Development Management Sub-Committee granted planning approval for the above on 1st July 2020. A motion to reject did not even find a seconder.
No further information is available at present.


Committee members had been sent a report on the former Royal Blind School site informing us that Edinburgh Council issued a “ Minded to Grant “ decision on 6th. August 2019 on the amended planning application submitted by CALA Homes. The decision was subject to a Section75 Agreement between Edinburgh Council and CALA Homes on, inter alia, financial contributions to certain Council Funds by CALA Homes e.g. Education. The report stated that The Council had advised that agreement was close and therefore full planning consent likely to be issued in the near future, whereupon Royal Blind Association would convey the property to CALA Homes. No date has been given for formal planning consent and no date for when work might commence on the site. Meanwhile the entrance gates to the site are mostly closed and padlocked because of vandalism and other anti-social activity.


The new houses on the former St Margaret’s playing field are now called Pavilion Crescent. Residents of Crawfurd Road and beyond have been having difficulties with one resident claiming that the adjacent green space is private and they should not be there. The CPA are very clear that the Section 75 Agreement must be adhered to and that the public may not be locked out of this landscaped area, which would be contrary to the conditions of the Reporter’s planning decision on Appeal. The problem which seems to have arisen is that Miller Homes are in the process of trying to transfer ownership to a company owned by the owners of the 10 houses who would then be responsible for the maintenance of the area and costs thereof. They are obliged to permit public access to the land and the pavilion. Contact in writing has been made by the CPA Chair with one of the owners for transmission of the above to the other owners. A response is awaited.

Planning Matters

Ongoing applications in the CPA Area (i) Rear of 1 Mentone Terrace: change of use from garage to house – still awaiting assessment (ii) 10 Craigmillar Park, St Margaret’s Nursery: erect safety fence around flat roof – this application has been withdrawn.

Several planning applications outwith the CPA area but of interest are (i) Edinburgh University Sports Village and (ii) Student accommodation at 224 -234 Mayfield Road – both of these awaiting assessment (iii) Cinema at Cameron Toll – awaiting decision and (iv) Mayfield Road opposite Mentone Terrace Junction: Proposed 5G Telecom Mast. This last is a proposal for a 20m high monopole mast and cabinets about 1.5m high at the back of the footway by the roofing contractor’s building on Mayfield Road.  A planning application is required but telecoms companies have some powers about the location of their apparatus.  From past experience an application of this type is usually suffixed PNT, on which there is no public consultation period, and it may be ruled as permitted development.  GPCC and CPA are keeping a watching brief on this proposal which is still at an early stage.

Nature Strips (Wilma Elton)

NS 1 has had a beautiful show of bulbs during the spring, and since lockdown the local children have made good use of it for hide and seek and making dens. There has been some vigorous pruning, especially of Portuguese laurel, now cut smaller ready for when the first trailer arrives.

In NS 2 two of the trees have had some work done by the council to make them safe (they had decay and large limbs were at risk of breaking.  There is a little more work outstanding for the ash opposite our house, being a height reduction of 2 – 3m    but this will need a mobile elevated platform.  Ian Morrison intends to return to the nature strip to complete inspection of the remaining trees once lockdown starts to ease and he can return to more normal duties.  There are a few other trees with large compression fork unions which need selective reduction pruning to lessen the risk of damage in high winds.  Unfortunately there is more litter appearing and it looks as though someone has been rough sleeping.  Plenty of pigeons and squirrels but not much evidence of other wildlife.

For NS 3 the bulbs planted in the winter did eventually appear but they were soon overshadowed by the early emergence of other foliage.

In NS 4 the oak, spindle and 2 elder planted in March are becoming established. The elder are coming into flower. Around the oak the wildflowers are blooming (daisy, valerian, woody nightshade, foxglove, dandelion, bramble and feverfew   and I’ve seen bees and red 2 spot ladybird. Near the Gilmore Road end of the strip the woodruff is spreading among the ivy and there was a carpet of white flowers which are just dying back now. There is also campion and foxgloves throughout the strip. The honesty is seeding and bluebells are dying back. While I’ve seen and heard wren, robin, blue tit and pigeons in the strip, none seem to have taken any interest in our bird boxes. I did see a small yew twig sticking out of one of the more open boxes about a month ago but didn’t go close to inspect it for concern at possibly disturbing any inhabitants. I’ve not seen any comings and goings from the box though. There are grass clippings being put into NS 4 but thankfully not other dumping. Some of the cleavers at the front of the strip have been pulled out and left in piles along the footpath. I’d be inclined to leave this grow so long as it’s not stifling other plants and it would be preferable to have pulled up plants put in a pile in the strip to decompose rather than left on the pavement. I don’t know who’s doing it though.

All the new trees in NS 5 are doing well. An oak, another Rowan and another cotoneaster were planted in spring and these should fill the gaps made by removal of laurel very well. The herbaceous border is colourful and full of bees and butterflies and passers by have expressed their appreciation. I think that being confined near to home has brought people into their local streets and there has been much to admire in the nature strips as well as in neighbourhood gardens. Where the overhanging laurel was trimmed back last autumn near Lygon Road,  more light and rainfall has reached the soil below and the beds are gradually filling with colourful native plants.

Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland (AHSS)

Craigmillar Park Association has joined the Society as a “small charity member”. The Society was founded in 1956 and has around one thousand members and volunteers. As the name suggests, the aims of the society are the protection, preservation and appreciation of Scotland’s architectural heritage and environment. This includes not just the famous buildings such as that of the former Royal High School but also the distinctive architecture and environment in conservation areas including our own.

The Society has regional groups in different parts of Scotland organising local activities and carrying out casework. In the Forth and Borders region, the Cases Panel meets weekly to consider planning applications and, where appropriate, lodge objections.

The Society has lodged (as has both the CPA and Grange / Prestonfield Community Council), three such objections in relation to planning applications within our Conservation Area in the period since our last AGM. We welcome very much the Society’s involvement in our Conservation Area – hence your Committee’s decision that CPA join the Society. The Society holds events such as lecture series, conferences and visits to buildings and sites of special interest and arranges annual study tours. For more information on the Society and their upcoming events, please visit:

www.ahss.org.uk https://www.facebook.com/AHSS1956/ https://twitter.com/theAHSS

Craigmillar Park Conservation Area

Edinburgh Council has now updated ( January 2020) the 2003 Character Appraisal after consultation with both Grange/Prestonfield Community Council and CPA.
To read the updated Character Appraisal, press here.

Bridgend Farmhouse

Bridgend Farm, Dalkeith Road celebrated its first birthday on March 24 2019  with a lively party. There was delicious food in the café area, a marquee with barbecue, singing and a great ceilidh band. The caller, with his witty repartee, encouraged us all to join in the dancing. Those who had purchased shares in the project received their certificates and volunteers were on hand to show visitors round and explain what goes on the various workshops bordering the garden. Those of you who attended the AGM of the CPA in October 2018 will have heard Donna McArdle, an administrator of the Bridgend project, explain its aims: community development, education and training, addressing health inequalities and social isolation, enabling an interest in arts, culture and history of the area and encouraging environmental protection. Since its inception, this organisation has already benefitted many people to acquire skills and, in some cases, gain qualifications in cookery, bike maintenance, gardening, wood and metal work. The building itself has been very attractively restored and decorated.

It’s an excellent venue for parties and weddings and the upstairs room can cater for conferences/ meetings of up to 30 people.

During lockdown, Bridgend Farmhouse has been organising delivery of 1000 free meals per day and offering free bike servicing.
Donations are always welcome.

For Information: 

Here is a LINK to view the minutes of the monthly meetings of the GPCC.

South East Edinburgh Locality Improvement Plan

Click Here to view plan.

Strategic Development Plan (SDP)

This SDP covers the SESplan area from the Borders to part of Fife, including Edinburgh. The members of SESplan are City of Edinburgh Council, East Lothian Council, Midlothian Council, West Lothian Council, Fife Council and Scottish BordersCouncil.   The SDP sets the strategy for Local Development Plans (see above) and the new plan SESplan2 is to replace in 2018 the 2013 SDP SESplan covering a 20 year period. The final Plan was rejected by the Scottish Government in May 2019.

For further information: edinburgh.gov.uk  (Strategic Development Plan).


Friends of Newington Cemetery

Grange/Pcemrestonfield Community Council has set up an Interest Group of local volunteers, Friends of Newington Cemetery. Their long term vision is to restore Newington Cemetery to its former glory, by helping to clear overgrown areas and restore gravestones, and by liaising with the community and the families of those buried there. New members are always welcome, both to attend meetings and help at working parties that are  normally held on a Monday between 10am and noon. Go to their Website for contact information.

Craigmillar Park Bowling Club

Situated in our Conservation Area, Craigmillar Park Bowling Club extends a warm welopeningdaycome to new members in all age categories, previous experience of bowling is not necessary. Trained coaches are on hand to provide assistance, and all equipment (shoes, bowls) can be provided by the Club.   For full information go to www.cpbc.org.uk:      

0logoOne of the foremost names in Scottish tennis, Waverley Lawn Tennis Club was formed in 1885 on its present secluded, yet accessible site in our Conservation Area. The club is very active and welcomes new members. Their facilities include –

4 artificial grass tennis courts, all floodlit – 2 traditional plaster-walled squash courts, with viewing gallery – 1 mini-tennis court

Click HERE to view their website for full information about joining and other facilities on offer.

Craigmillar Park Golf Club

the-16th-2If you would like to play a golf course that is close to the centre of Edinburgh yet within the Green belt; with fantastic views down the coast of East Lothian and across the Firth to Fife; where you won’t hear the intrusive sounds of traffic and are likely to spot deer, then look no further than Craigmillar Park Golf Club. Visit  Website for details.

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