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ccamapThe area of the South Edinburgh map outlined in black is the Craigmillar Park Conservation Area and is the same as that covered by the Craigmillar Park Association. With the help of the residents we monitor planning applications and help protect the environment for future generations to enjoy. We support the community in a variety of ways, go to our About Us  page for full information.    Click on map to view full size.

Blind school, demolition well under way.

2021 Update

Hello all Craigmillar Park Association Members,

In view of the recent difficulties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we made the decision to cancel the AGM. It may be that it will be possible to hold an AGM in late Spring and we also hope to produce a newsletter at that time.

We are not currently seeking subscriptions for the current financial year. The accounts for 2019-2020 can viewed by clicking HERE.

In recent months our Chair and Secretary, Ronald MacArthur, has stepped down so both posts are currently vacant.

CPA committee members are continuing to check planning applications in our area and volunteers continue to work hard on maintaining the Nature Strips.

Best wishes from the committee, and we hope to see many of you in the springtime.

Nature Strips  Autumn Update (Wilma Elton)

Strip 1 Granby Road

After the removal of the huge amounts of stored, cut, green waste in September, the main job has been clearing the road edge of built-up leaf litter. Done in sections when able to get access as parked cars were moved, there must have been at least six wheelbarrows full of rich compost to put in the strip. The pruning of the low edged shrubs and overhanging road branches has really improved the look of the strip. The foxgloves and ground cover we planted are now well established.

Strip 2 Gilmour Road North

Residents have been trying to keep the strip tidy, and more recently clearing the many fallen leaves from the roadside.  In early summer two of the large trees had some work done by the council to make them safe, because they had decay and large limbs were at risk of breaking.  There is a little more work outstanding for the ash tree in the middle of the strip which will need a mobile elevated platform.  The council also plan to do some selective reduction pruning on other large trees to lessen the risk of damage in high winds, when resources allow.  

Strip 3 Suffolk Road North

At the Gilmour/Suffolk Road corner, the broken gate was removed and fence posts replaced. The main wire that had been broken in places was tightened and 4 further rotten posts towards Craigmillar Park were repaired. Leaves from pavement and road gutter were removed and litter picked and the fence line was tidied and defined. In the next month we plan to remove the Laurel growing towards front of strip and pavement.

Strip 4. Suffolk Road South

We have been in consultation with City of Edinburgh Council and local residents about the poor state of the fence. Some sections of the top wire were broken and the fence was sagging with wire protruding in places. It was decided to remove the section of fence from Gilmour Road to Suffolk Road Lane and salvage material from this to use for repair of the section of fence between Suffolk Road Lane and Craigmillar Park. Down-taking of the fence has commenced and materials are stored for future repair work. A robin in the strip has taken particular interest in our work. Our usual litter picks and leaf clearing from the pavement have also been carried out. The addition of the swept-up leaves to the nature strip over previous years is building up organic matter in the nature strip soil which improves the soil condition and nutrients. This website gives a great synopsis on using fallen leaves  http://www.ecosystemgardening.com

We have begun removal of the final areas of laurel within nature strip 4 to allow planting of more flowers and ferns and other under planting below the larger trees. We hope to have the laurel removal completed before the end of 2020. All of the previous planting in the strip is doing well and plentiful berries are ripening on the holly in the strip.

Strip 5. Gilmour Road South

Following advice that the popular autumn bulb Monbretia (Crocosmia) should not be planted in wild spaces as it’s an invasive-non-native plant (Wildlife and Natural Environment Act Scotland 2011) volunteers are now attempting to remove the clusters of bulbs which do indeed multiply quickly. If you’d like to help, please let me know. Some of the flowers which added a lot of colour to the strip in late summer and autumn, like Michaelmas daisy, are also being pulled up – not to remove them completely, as they form extensive root systems, but to stop them dominating the ground cover. Feverfew (Tanacetum perthenium) a white perennial which vaguely resembles a cluster of daisies on stalks and is reputedly used to prevent migraine headaches is another very successful species which we are keeping in hand. The continus at the corner of Gilmour and Wilton is still holding on to its beautiful russet leaves and the various cotoneasters are also looking good. Snowdrops  are just popping their heads through the soil.

Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland (AHSS)

Craigmillar Park Association has joined the Society as a “small charity member”. The Society was founded in 1956 and has around one thousand members and volunteers. As the name suggests, the aims of the society are the protection, preservation and appreciation of Scotland’s architectural heritage and environment. This includes not just the famous buildings such as that of the former Royal High School but also the distinctive architecture and environment in conservation areas including our own.

The Society has regional groups in different parts of Scotland organising local activities and carrying out casework. In the Forth and Borders region, the Cases Panel meets weekly to consider planning applications and, where appropriate, lodge objections.

The Society has lodged (as has both the CPA and Grange / Prestonfield Community Council), three such objections in relation to planning applications within our Conservation Area in the period since our last AGM. We welcome very much the Society’s involvement in our Conservation Area – hence your Committee’s decision that CPA join the Society. The Society holds events such as lecture series, conferences and visits to buildings and sites of special interest and arranges annual study tours. For more information on the Society and their upcoming events, please visit:

www.ahss.org.uk https://www.facebook.com/AHSS1956/ https://twitter.com/theAHSS

Craigmillar Park Conservation Area

Edinburgh Council has now updated ( January 2020) the 2003 Character Appraisal after consultation with both Grange/Prestonfield Community Council and CPA.
To read the updated Character Appraisal, press here.

Bridgend Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is currently in lockdown because of the coronavirus crisis and all normal activities have had to cease. Volunteers and those who enjoy the Farmhouse’s training courses, clubs and café have reported their disappointment in missing their regular activities but, by means of Zoom, some art and crafts elements of the activity sessions and the singing group too have restarted. Funding has allowed staff time for welfare calls.

The most spectacular success has been the impact of the Covid Response Food Project, supported by voluntary contributions. Early in May, the operation delivered its 10,000th daily meal pack thanks to the efforts of food worker Eric Fernandez Baca and Lewis McLachan from Empty Kitchens Full Hearts, with support from Saltire Hospitality and WD Catering Solutions. Production has now moved to Saltire Hospitality’s Loanhead premises where their furloughed staff have donned Bridgend Farmhouse volunteer hats to prepare nearly 1000 meals each day. A very capable squad of volunteers deals with packaging, delivery, logistics, community liaison, cleaning and laundry assignments back at the Farmhouse.

Significant Grant and both Financial and In-kind Donation Support has allowed BF to more than double its capacity and the team is now providing over 300 packs per day to vulnerable families and individuals identified by referral bodies ranging from GPs and Social Workers to Church Teams, Councillors and MPs Offices.

The bike service for key workers [funded by CyclingUK Scotland] has also been a success and looks to be exceeding targets. You may have caught a snippet on the STV News of 18th May showing a pair of the beneficiaries getting their bikes and kit. It certainly produced a flurry of interest that set the bike team in further motion sourcing cycles and associated maintenance and safety gear. In return for a donation, you can have your bike serviced or puncture repaired, please phone 07591 882779. 

Meanwhile, Bridgend is waiting, like everyone else, for the lockdown restrictions to lift when it’s hoped that on-site projects,  drop-in days and the community café can restart.

If you’d like to receive monthly newsletters and occasional other news mailings you can sign up at  


Grange  Prestonfield Cummunity Council

Here is a LINK to view the minutes of the monthly meetings of the GPCC.














South East Edinburgh Locality Improvement Plan

Click Here to view plan.

Strategic Development Plan (SDP)

This SDP covers the SESplan area from the Borders to part of Fife, including Edinburgh. The members of SESplan are City of Edinburgh Council, East Lothian Council, Midlothian Council, West Lothian Council, Fife Council and Scottish BordersCouncil.   The SDP sets the strategy for Local Development Plans (see above) and the new plan SESplan2 is to replace in 2018 the 2013 SDP SESplan covering a 20 year period. The final Plan was rejected by the Scottish Government in May 2019.

For further information: edinburgh.gov.uk  (Strategic Development Plan).


Friends of Newington Cemetery

Grange and Prestonfield Cummunity Council has set up an Interest Group of local volunteers, Friends of Newington Cemetery. Their long term vision is to restore Newington Cemetery to its former glory, by helping to clear overgrown areas and restore gravestones, and by liaising with the community and the families of those buried there. New members are always welcome, both to attend meetings and help at working parties that are  normally held on a Monday between 10am and noon. Go to their Website for contact information.

Craigmillar Park Bowling Club

Situated in our Conservation Area, Craigmillar Park Bowling Club extends a warm welopeningdaycome to new members in all age categories, previous experience of bowling is not necessary. Trained coaches are on hand to provide assistance, and all equipment (shoes, bowls) can be provided by the Club.   For full information go to www.cpbc.org.uk:      

0logoOne of the foremost names in Scottish tennis, Waverley Lawn Tennis Club was formed in 1885 on its present secluded, yet accessible site in our Conservation Area. The club is very active and welcomes new members. Their facilities include –

4 artificial grass tennis courts, all floodlit – 2 traditional plaster-walled squash courts, with viewing gallery – 1 mini-tennis court

Click HERE to view their website for full information about joining and other facilities on offer.

Craigmillar Park Golf Club

the-16th-2If you would like to play a golf course that is close to the centre of Edinburgh yet within the Green belt; with fantastic views down the coast of East Lothian and across the Firth to Fife; where you won’t hear the intrusive sounds of traffic and are likely to spot deer, then look no further than Craigmillar Park Golf Club. Visit  Website for details.

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